Lake Cumberland Regatta Officially Postponed

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The Lake Cumberland Regatta is officially postponed. This comes after much consideration of all stake holders and the safety of participants.

It comes at no surprise that we are making the call to postpone all our early spring races. Our venue is still under water and we don’t know what we will find once water lowers to summer pool.

The LC Regatta has been a dream for the past few years since I got into paddle sports. We feel it could be an great race with the possibility to grow. However, signs tell us this is not the time to put it on.

As with all our events, we want to make sure we have a top notch event, especially for a first time. We don’t feel that will be possible with so many unknowns with regards to the lake and the epic flooding that has taken place. The parking was still 10ft down this morning.

We have seen the lake dropping 1ft a day since it’s crest on February 26th. It has decreased to 743ft from 756ft as of today March 11th. Over the weekend we had a small amount of rain over the Cumberland River watershed. This small amount in comparison caused the rate of decrease to actually pause and reverse for a short time.

April is one of our wettest months. We fear that more spring showers may inhibit decrees of the lake and actually cause the lake to rise compromising the event.

We want to ensure the safety of all participants, spectators and emergency support crews. With so many unknowns about the other landing/launch areas along the course, we do not believe this is possible.

The Pulaski County Government will also have a lot on their hands once waters lowers as far as park and campground clean up. We want to avoid any possibility of stretching their resoucres.

Our first priority is moving the race later in the year if we can find a suitable slot for it and return it back to Spring next year. Failing that we will just make the first race in Spring 2020. The race will happen if all possible.

For now check out the Kentucky Waterman Series for more paddle races in the region.

Thank you,

Aaron Denney