2018 ducoMT Race Communication

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We are honored to have you attending our race. Several are coming from way off! We are working to make this a great weekend of racing for everyone so everything you need to know before getting to the race. The rest is part of the adventure! See you Saturday!

Money Wrench

There are several other events going on in the park this weekend (BBQ Cook Off and small fishing tournament). This is great to see, however, it has required some last minute changes. We are working to coordinate a few last minute details with regards to the paddle leg and overflow parking to accommodate everyone. We will have all the details by the time you check-in on Saturday morning. If you are attending the Navigation Clinic, we will let you know there.

Race HQ

Shelter #2 is our race HQ. Take the first left when you come to the first stop sign within the park. You will see Shelter #2 up on the small hill to your left. Park Address: 1200 State Hwy 3189, Nancy, KY US 42544

Nav Clinic

The navigation clinic will be at Shelter #2 at 6PM on Friday evening. Bring your compass.


Check-in will be at Shelters #2. You will get maps at check-in. Please see the schedule below for pre-race meeting and start times.

Rules and Gear

Make sure to check the rules on the website if you haven’t. Biggest rule we will enforce is the 30 meter rule for team members. Remember to have all mandatory gear as there may be a gear check.


Mandatory Gear & Rules

Adventure Race

Mandatory Gear | Rules


Race Day Parking

Take the first left when you come to the first stop sign within the park. Primary parking will be near the restrooms/playground area before you get to . Look for a RED parking sign. The neighboring shelter has been rented, so we want to leave as much parking near the shelters for them. We are talking to the Park about overflow so come to Shelter #2 if in doubt of where to park.

AR Gear

Any other gear may be staged with your bikes. We ask you keep it orderly. No gear staging out of tents or vehicles.

AR Bike Staging

Bike gear staging will be at Shelter #2. You will see your bikes approximately two hours into the race.

AR Boats and Personal Paddle Gear Staging

Boat and personal paddle gear staging location will be available at check-in. It is a 2 minute drive. We will bring your personal paddle gear back to staging for retrieval later. Anything you leave here must go with you when you leave this TA.

Post Race

We will be feeding you Fazoli’s post race along with awards for the top team in each category. Each racer will receive a medal so make sure to get it!


  • Apr 21st 07:00AM – AR Check In/Maps
  • Apr 21st 09:00AM – AR Pre-Race Meeting
  • Apr 21st 09:30AM – Rogaine Check In/Maps
  • Apr 21st 10:00AM – AR Starts
  • Apr 21st 11:00AM – Rogaine Pre-Race Meeting
  • Apr 21st 12:00PM – Rogaine Starts
  • Apr 21st 04:00PM – Time Cutoff
  • Apr 21st 04:15PM – Meal/Awards