May 11th, 2024

Race Day Schedule

  • 7am – Check-in opens. Race packets handed out. Arrive early so you can use the time ntil race start to plan your route and determine how many locations you are going to visit.
  • 745am – Pre-race meeting with final notes and any rule changes.
  • 800am – Race Start
  • 1200pm – Race Cut Off
  • 1215-1230pm – Awards


  • 05/02/2023  2pm – T-shirt deadline

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SomerUrban is an adventure for all. Taking place in downtown Somerset, this is like a scavenger hunt or geocaching but using street maps to explore downtown Somerset by foot. You can join as a solo individual, a team of 2-5 person or as a family.

For teams, this is not a relay as you stay with your team the whole time as you move from location to location accumulating points. There is a time limit of 4 hours but you can go as long as you want hitting the points you want to go to. Just be back by the 4 hour cutoff or you will face steep penalties.

You will be traveling through an urban environment, so expect to visit checkpoints at local shops, historical sites, and beautiful parks. You might even learn a little history and take awesome photos at some of Somerset’s famous murals and buildings. Most importantly, you will have fun exploring gorgeous downtown Somerset by foot.

How It Works

At registration, each team is given race instructions and a map with various locations marked on it. The team has to navigate to those locations by only foot (no bicycle, roller blades, scooters, cars, etc).

The team can use the time before the start to plan their route as route choices and time management are important. However, the race director may throw some surprises into the mix so plans should be flexible.

At each location there will be a QR code or special code that they must take a picture with their phone or scan with a special app. Teams will then mark on their passport that they had visited the location. Once the team has visited as many locations as possible, they will return back to the finish area.

Teams are scored based on the point value of the locations visited then by who was the fastest. More will be revealed on this at the race meeting.

Registration Cost

  • Age 17 and up: $35/person
  • Age 16 and under: $25/person


  • Cool tech t-shirt featuring our SomerUrban Logo
  • Finisher medals
  • Custom overall awards for top 3 in each divison
  • A lot of fun and great memories


  • Important: Participants will receive a race guide the week prior to the event with critical information. 
  • Check-in location announced in your race guide so make sure you recieved it.
  • Bathrooms will at start/finish
  • This is a bring your own food and hydration event. We will have some water available on-site but nothing on course. There are stores and other businesses on the course where items may be purchased.
  • It is important to make sure our emails ( are not blocked or check back to this page regularly for more information.


  • Solo (Male and Female)
  • 2-5 Person Team (Male, Female, Coed)
  • Family*

* Family teams require someone 16 or younger on race day to be part of the team. We ask that if you are an experienced racer that you do not use the family team division.

Gear Requirement

Per Individual
  • Food/water hydration for the duration of the event.
  • Clothing appropriate for weather conditions (Example: cold weather jacket)
Per Team/Solo Individual
  • Backpack – We recommend at least per team to carry gear
  • Mobile phone – Fully charged in waterproof or double-ziplock bag
  • Sharpie/marker
  • Waterproof protection for maps – Zip lock bag, map case, etc
  • Compass (optional)
  • Bib number – Provided at race check-in. Must be visible at all times by race staff.
  • Enthusiasm


  1. No trespassing. Stay on public property such as sidewalks, roads, and paths. Do not cut through private property (yards, driveways, etc). If it is questionable, don’t do it.
  2. Use crosswalks when they are available. Some crossings may have stop timer checkpoints to allow you to pause your race clock.
  3. Stay out of prohibited areas as marked on your map. Certain roads will be prohibited from crossing except at designated crossings.
  4. Team members must stay within 30 meters of each other at ALL times.
  5. GPS Devices: Keep all GPS-capable devices out of sight for the entirety of the race. If everyone follows this rule, then we should never get an accusation of a team using such a device to cheat.
  6. Cellphones: May be used for scanning QR codes, taking photos ONLY and tracking your progress for post race review. Under no circumstances may they be for navigation purposes.
  7. Racers must assist any person in danger.
  8. Any person or team withdrawing from the race must notify race staff in person. If one or more members of a team wish to continue the race after a teammate withdraws, they may do so as an unranked team/solo provided that the entire team has checked in with race staff first. Leaving a teammate behind will result in immediate disqualification.
  9. Leave no trace.
  10. Race management may modify these rules. We will inform all racers of any rule changes at the pre-race meeting.


  1. Teams will first be ranked by point value for the checkpoints visited then by time.
  2. Checkpoints(CPs) may be visited in any order unless otherwise noted in the race instructions.
  3. In order to receive credit for visiting a checkpoint, QR code must be scanned. A backup passport will be provided in the event of a technology failure.
  4. There is a 4 hour time limit. Any team/solo arriving late will receive a penalty per minute late. This will be indicated on the race instructions and covered at the race briefing.


  • All events use tiered pricing based on demand. The most current pricing is listed at registration.
  • Registration fees may increase overtime. So register early.
  • Price increase dates subject to change based on demand.
  • All registrations subject to Runsignup Fees and sales tax based on your judication.