2018 Noctua – Race Communication

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We wanted to provide you with some last minute information and reminders. Looking forward to seeing everyone Saturday night (June 9th).

  • Location: 1200 State Hwy 3189, Nancy, KY US 42544, Shelter #1
  • Bib/Shirt Pickup: 7PM Shelter #1. Left at the first stop sign in the park.
  • Pre-race meeting: Meet at shelters #1 at 830PM for a pre-race safety meeting.
  • Race Start: Around 9PM.
  • Race HQ Map: Parking, HQ and restrooms can be found on here
  • Weather: Expected to be clear and around 77 degrees at race start.
  • Creek crossings: Extremely low. You may be able to keep your feet from getting wet.
  • Trail conditions: Dry with some muddy spots. We received a lot of rain this spring.
  • Timing: Gun start. No chips.
  • Live Results: Unofficial results will be live here: http://vindura.fit/live They are updated every 30 seconds.
  • BIBs: Please wear it on your FRONT and keep it visible at all times. Know your number as you may be asked by race staff along the course and as you cross the finish line (its dark).
  • Fueling/Hydration: Make sure to be well hydrated before starting the event. No aid stations on course as this is a self-supported event as the website list. Pack in your water and energy needs. This is part of the adventure. 
  • Bug Spray: Bug spray is highly recommended.
  • Headlamp: Don’t forget your headlamp. If it runs on regular batteries, bring extra. If its rechargeable, make sure to have a full charge.
  • Last minute course change:  Unless we find things different during course setup tomorrow, we will be using a portion of the campground road as the connector trail has not been established yet. When you exit the trail at the campground boat ramp, you will find barrier tape leading you to the road. Consider this a little cross country section. Once on the road, you will find white arrows on the right side of the road, along with signage showing the way.  It should still be fairly light out at this time so we don’t believe you will have trouble following the signage.
  • Roads: All roads are open to public traffic so pay attention.Click here for an idea of what sections of road will be used during the race. There should be a volunteer at each road crossing to help with traffic.
  • Restrooms:  By playground area
  • Course Markings: Expect the course to be well marked with reflective markers, signage, tape and cones. White reflective tacks are placed every 200 meters and with 2-3 additional tacks after every intersection. Orange reflective tacks mean wrong way. With all of our events, it is the responsibility of the participant to know the course prior to the start. Course maps will be provided ahead of time and available at staging. Staff/volunteers will be placed along the course at key spots to assist with course direction.