2019 Edurus Postponement

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It comes after much consideration that we are officially postponing the 2019 Edurus 10K (aka The Flood Edition).  I never thought I would be writing a race postponement notice for Edurus for flooding, but that is where we are at. I wanted to make the call now in order to give you a chance to register for other races.

As of now, our goal is to reschedule the race for a later date before the Noctua 15K race, thus not officially cancelling it. We are still not sure what this all means at this point due to the state of the venue and many unknowns. Even though this is a natural disaster, we will do our best to make it up to all racers based on our policies. I will email you once we figure out the details.

Thank you,


Aaron Denney
Race Director


Below is an outline our thought process at the moment:

  • Lake Cumberland has risen to record levels. The the old record from 1984 of 751.69 feet above sea level was broken with a new record set this past Tuesday of 756+ ft. That places the lake some 33+ feet above summer pool levels. Wolf Creek dam is currently releasing water at record levels.
  • Trails in low lying areas around 750 ft are under water. This includes several sections of trails used for this race.
  • The park campground is currently completely flooded and several roads are closed preventing us from creating an alternative course.
  • The lake is currently dropping but slowly. The lake must reach 750ft before we can even start to restore the trail. Even if the lake reaches ideal levels, we may not have time get the trails ready nor will they have time to dry out.
  • It is unknown on how much more rain we will receive between now and race day. Two to three inches in a short period of time will put us in the same boat (pun intended)
  • Additional traffic to the venue will place additional stress on the venue infrastructure and resources.
  • Additional trail traffic will further compound current issues.

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